To the Future

DDA – Disability Discrimination Act

Trinity Compliance strongly believes in equality for all. Whether in business or personal environments, everyone is equal. We want to live this way.

Trinity Compliance is currently researching and analysing this area of compliance obligation (beyond Section D of the BCA), to determine the possibilities of offering you even more service.


Mandatory Disclosure


Currently, the commercial sector is obligated to disclose its energy efficiency for the lease or sale of all tenancies or buildings over 2,000m2. In time, this will increase to all commercial spaces. We anticipate that one day it will include water and indoor environment quality.

Trinity Compliance is actively working towards the necessary accreditation and experience required to provide this vital service to the building industry.


Currently, only the ACT has mandatory disclosure for residential spaces. The other states and territories of Australia are now looking to incorporate this into their legislation. There are Regulatory Impact Statements that have been released to determine the most effective method for demonstrating the energy efficiency of residential spaces. Trinity Compliance anticipates that this will involve the use of NatHERS assessments. We currently have an ABSA Accredited Assessor who is qualified in BERS Pro and AccuRate, two of the three programs approved by the states and territories of Australia for carrying out such assessment.
Watch this space for further news on the parameters of residential mandatory disclosure and how Trinity Compliance can further help you with your compliance requirements.

Meeting your needs

With new regulations being developed all the time, there are always new areas of the building industry that require compliance. If you have a compliance need that is not listed here, and you would like to outsource it to free up your time, please contact Trinity Compliance to discuss how you would like us to meet your needs.