Jacques Vever


Section J

Trinity Compliance offers a unique service to the construction industry throughout Australia. We audit all your documentation for evidence of compliance, or non-compliance, with the Deemed-to-Satisfy provisions of Section J, including JV3 assessments, and provide a transparent report showing exactly how and where your project does or does not comply, including suggestions for compliance. We currently offer:

Trinity Compliance also offers NatHERS assessments for residential buildings using BERS Pro Plus 4.2, which is one of the 3 software programs approved by the ABCB for these assessments, as well as BASIX assessments for NSW projects. Due to the high software costs of modelling, Trinity Compliance cannot provide the modelling for JV3 assessments for non-residential buildings; this can be carried out by ESD consultancies or mechanical services engineers, while we can assess whether the modelling has correctly adhered to the requirements of Section J.