About Us

The Business

Our business was born out of a need to provide fast and effective compliance assessments in a tough economic environment to help reduce operating costs for tasks with no inherent ‘value-adding’ potential. Whether it’s for compulsory requirements, such as the BCA, or voluntary contractual obligations, like Green Star, Trinity Compliance can carry out much of the detail work at very competitive hourly rates. This has been achieved by setting up as a virtual office to avoid traditional expenses, such as leasing costs and labour costs.

The Service

At Trinity Compliance, we strive to provide the best cost-effective service possible while providing the highest quality results we can deliver.

We aim to provide our services at hourly rates rather than lump sum fees for projects because we believe that this is a better long term investment for you. There is so much variation and hidden complexity between projects that service providers often have to include contingencies in their fees, some of which may never happen but still get invoiced. To avoid this process we simply provide an estimate of approximate timeframes, which may change as the detail of a project becomes apparent. This means that the quicker projects end up costing far less with Trinity Compliance and you know that no matter how complex a job, you will always be getting value for the service we provide. All reports & invoices come with an itemised account of time-expenditure for peace-of-mind.

If you prefer traditional lump sum fees for budgeting purposes, we will gladly provide you with one, but we are confident that after a couple of projects you will feel comfortable with switching to hourly fees to maximise your cost reductions on each project.

Community Care

Trinity Compliance is not only dedicated to making a difference to your business operations, but also within our local & global communities. 10% of our turnover is reinvested into the community in various ways. Currently, we support the following community operations in a personal & financial way:

Watch this space for news on other ways that we are serving our local & global communities.

The Team


Jacques has a background in Mechanical Engineering and has worked in ESD as a consultant for 5 years, having worked for two of Australia’s competitive names in ESD and compliance.
This has included compliance assessment for the BCA Section J for buildings in all classes, all states and all climate zones. Jacques also has experience in energy modelling, WEMP (Water Efficiency Management Program) assessments, and NatHERS (Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme) assessments as an ABSA Accredited Assessor, using BERS Pro and AccuRate.

Jacques has been a Green Star Accredited Professional since 2007 and has been a key team member of many successful Green Star projects in Office Design & As Built, Retail, Multi-unit Residential, Healthcare, Education, and pilot work for Industrial, Public Buildings and Communities, ranging from 4 Star to 6 Star for state & federal governments, Department of Defence, and small & large corporate clients alike.

With a passion for the environment and demonstrating compliance in a variety of fields, Jacques is always looking at new avenues of development, such as AGIC (Australian Green Infrastructure Council) and BZE (Beyond Zero Emissions).



Kini has a background in IT & Banking and has worked as a Business Analyst & Systems Tester, with over a decade of experience for one of Australia’s fastest-growing banks and one of Australia’s leading-edge IT firms.

This includes writing technical manuals for complex systems, analysing & documenting processes within a structure, testing functions and operations for fallibility, documenting and analysing results and reporting on outcomes towards systems improvements and alignment.

With a passion for order and structure, Kini is always looking at new avenues of expansion such as project management and business development.